Antarctica: a message from another planet

Nominated for:Best SDG Production

Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 85 min

Country: Spain


Mario Cuesta Hernando

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Can we save Antarctica without saving ourselves first? Antarctica is the only place in the world where all countries have come to an agreement to promote peace, science, and the environment. But is that spirit real or just hypocrisy? And if it is real, why can’t it be exported to the rest of the planet? This documentary takes a critical look at Antarctica from our world and at our world from Antarctica. Which of the two does it judge more harshly? With the help of scientists, activists, diplomats, and members of the military from Spain, Russia, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, and the United States, we discover this ecosystem, the oldest on our planet, and both the official and covert political relationships that control it. Will Antarctica become the stage for our world’s next war or an example of enduring peace? Perhaps Antarctica can reveal some clues to us about the threats faced by human beings, as well as the solutions that may lead us toward a better life.