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Nominated for:Best Short

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 21 min

Country: Greece

Language: Greek


Konstantinos Prepis

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Sotiris is a homeless, victim of the economic crisis who has found refuge in the abandoned airport of Athens, “Ellinikon”. There he lives quietly among ghosts and memories of an era, not so long gone. Suddenly, one day, the airport is filled with candidate passengers who cannot -of course- fly anywhere but they revert his reality. Sotiris firstly tries to understand the irrationality and then explain to the crowd the terrible reality; they cannot fly anywhere and the reason for being there is clearly absurd. Eventually, after failing to change the passengers’ belief, he ends up in an unavoidable rupture and tricks them out of the airport. Alone again, he finds a thrown away ticket and decides to follow the hypothetical course of his holder. He takes an imaginary route, which ends in a ghost airplane with unknown destination. In a parallel reality, he reappears successful but still carrying along all those elements, which led him to the margin of life.