In the Ice, Everything Leaves a Trace

Award Winner

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 13 min

Country: Switzerland

Language: German


Christoph Oeschger, Gianna Molinari

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As Arctic ice melts, borders shift once inaccessible places and resources become accessible, and new claims to raw materials and territories are made. The Arctic is changing like never before, from a romanticized image of wild, harsh nature to a technological place full of economic interests. The Arctic has become a hotspot of border shifts and geopolitical interests. The essay film “In the Ice, everything leaves a trace” is a poetic approach to this place and makes the invisible visible. “In the Ice, everything leaves a trace” Is the first outcome of joint research of the Author Gianna Molinari and the Artist Christoph Oeschger. We started in Greenland; there, we recognized that the Arctic is also elsewhere: In the tubes, under microscopes, electronics and maps. What is in our heads as a romantic image of wilderness becomes a playground for geopolitical and economic interests.