Mazay’s Mark

Nominated for:Best Animation

Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 8 min

Country: Russia

Language: Russian


Tatyana Chernilevskaya

Film Category

The snow is melting, the water is rising – grandpa Mazay is collecting hares on his boat. But this time Mazay faces obstacles. This “saving parable” shows us that the rescue of a drowning man isn’t always the drowning man’s own job. This is a social film that touches upon the topic of consumer society. The issue is very relevant for our time. It speaks of people who have power, but not morality and principles. They can seem decent, put on the masks of true Christians, and under this guise do terrible things, that bring them benefits. These people have neither conscience nor mercy, there is only a desire to profit from everything. And if you found yourself in a difficult situation, you’d better act in accordance with the proverb “If you need a helping hand, the best place to look is at the end of your sleeve”, and not foolishly entrust your life into the hands of stranger