Organic Soil – Organic Soul

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 88 min

Country: Luxembourg

Language: English


Tom Alesch

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For decades, agricultural policy wanted our farmers to produce a lot and cheaply. Today, we know that a system built on growth alone leads to major environmental damage worldwide and to problems that we have less and less control over. If we do not change, we risk not being able to produce food at all. Organic farming is a solution that more and more countries are adopting. In Luxembourg, too, there should only be organic farms in just under 30 years. VU BUEDEM, BAUZEN A BIOBAUEREN shows people who are already practising organic farming with great motivation. Farmers and winegrowers invite us to their farms and their soil and show us what they do differently to produce food that is healthy for people and for nature, that conserves natural resources and that ultimately benefits society as a whole.