Shoes and Signpost

Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 30 min

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese


Takahiro Yamaguchi

Film Category

A man who is shoemaker live near the sea. His name is Tosuke. He broke up with his wife and daughter a few years ago. One day, Tosuke is looking at the sea, a mysterious girl stands on the water’s edge. The girl is injured in her leg. Tosuke takes her to his home and tries to treat her knees. When he flushes her leg with water in the bathroom, the wound has curiously blocked. He finds a scale on the floor of the bathroom. He thinks of his daughter who is as old as the girl. The next day, Tosuke sees that the girl looks at the postmarks outside of the window. He decides to take her to a zoo. He notices another scale on the way and thinks it is hers. Tosuke thinks that she won’t have much time to stay in this place. Tosuke spends the left of time with her.