Award Winner

Nominated for:Best Feature Film

Film Info

Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 87 min

Country: Montenegro


Senad Šahmanović

Film Category

SANELA, a Montenegrin of Muslim origins, left former Yugoslavia in the 90’ during wartime, after her father was kidnapped on a train and murdered alongside other Muslims. At only 18, she went to USA and did everything she could to adapt herself to life abroad and live like a true Westerner. Wanting to avoid any impression of foreignness, she even changed her name, becoming NATHALIE. She became a lawyer at almost 40. Her boss, VALERIE, is now dealing with a particular inheritance case: the deceased, a spinster who came from the Balkans but had been living in the US for the past forty years, bequeathed an amount of money to the Orthodox Church of her hometown, for them to build a chapel in her name. Valerie is having some problems with the beneficiary of the testament, she therefore asks Nathalie to come with her and assist her as an interpreter. Sanela returns to a country that she can no longer recognise, torn between her new Westerner identity and the one she erased.