Terra Fame – the Land of Mine

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Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 89 min

Country: Finland


Mika Koskinen

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As the Earth is running out of resources, mining companies have less and less to exploit. Finland aims to be a model country for environmentally friendly mining. Its pioneer project is the Talvivaara mine, which uses new biotechnology to extract low-grade nickel, zinc and uranium. This chronicled film follows the local community whose frustration mounts after predicting and witnessing environmental disasters caused by the mine. It documents the industrys lobbying activities, and its preconceptions on activists. The company issues new shares to survive and tries to restore its reputation with help of PR consultants. It looks at the state government: the attitudes of civil servants who are licensing and supervising environmental permits and promoting sustainable mining industry. Politicians making decisions as the mine is going bankrupt and water levels are rising. Who are the real experts to trust? A farmer, a fisherman, a clergyman, a rally driver; engineers, consultants, ministers and presidents: through several charismatic characters, the documentary film TERRA FAME – Land of Mine follows the tragicomic rise and fall of the biggest nickel mine in Western Europe, the effects of which continue to reverberate in the nation.