Festival Year Best Feature Documentary

Poster How to power a city
Year 2024

How To Power A City

by Melanie LaRosa
Poster Sámis
Year 2024


by Roman Jehanno, Cyril Hucleux

Award winner

Poster SCRAP
Year 2024


by Stacey Tenenbaum
The Neighborhood Storyteller-POSTER-01
Year 2023

The Neighborhood Storyteller

by Alejandra Alcala

Award winner

The Captain_s Heart-POSTER-1
Year 2023

The Captain's Heart

by Simon Bang

Award winner

Year 2023


by Yi Wu
A.I at War-POSTER-1
Year 2022

A.I. At War

by Florent Marcie
Year 2022


by Andrew Burton & Michael Kirby Smith
The New Whistlers from Aas-POSTER-1
Year 2022

The new whistlers from Aas

by Richard Martin-Jordan
...B.A.M...a Russian village-POSTER-1
Year 2022

...B.A.M...un village russe

by Florian Delafourniere
Northern Drift-POSTER-1
Year 2022

Northern Drift

by Alexis Destoop

Award winner


Tuna on The Road - The Relocation of Tokyo’s Fish Market-POSTER-1
Year 2021

Tuna on The Road - The Relocation of Tokyo’s Fish Market

by Klaus Scherer
Yoghurt Utopia-POSTER-1
Year 2020

Yoghurt Utopia

by Anna Thomson, David Baksh
Ghiaccio - Sweeping Lives-POSTER-01
Year 2021

Ghiaccio - Sweeping Lives

by Tomaso Clavarino

Award winner

Nanuq - An Arctic Journey from Past to Future-POSTER-01
Year 2021

Nanuq - an Arctic Journey from Past to Future

by Emanuele Licitra
Plastic Free Archipelago-POSTER-01
Year 2021

Plastic Free Archipelago

by Sotiris Danezis