2024 Juries

Katja Trippel has been the Head of Programming at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival since 2021. Working from Berlin, Mazan and Innsbruck, when she is not watching films, she writes books and reports as a science journalist focusing on the environment. With studies in geography, she has also worked for many years as a text and television editor for GEO magazine and its TV offshoot ‘GEO Reportage’ on the Franco-German channel Arte.

Rachel is an award-winning natural history filmmaker working for over 15 years on production films on several landmark natural history series including the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning ‘Blue Planet II’, ‘Frozen Planet II’, ‘Shark’ and 3D Giant Screen feature-length films ‘Oceans - Our Blue Planet’ and ‘Arctic - Our Frozen Planet.’ Originally from Guernsey and fascinated with the ocean from a young age, she has been a diver for over 20 years having spent thousands of hours underwater. Rachel is now a senior producer on ‘Our Oceans’ which will premiere on Netflix in 2024.

Giulio Gobbetti is a London-based documentary filmmaker. Over the past 10 years, he has worked on several documentaries that have been featured in film festivals all over the world. His latest short film, ‘Nettuno’, screened at the Venice Days of the 79th Venice Film Festival. Since 2022, Giulio is a Connect Member of BAFTA.

Jan Stöckel jury

Jan Stöckel is an Italian-German documentary filmmaker. With a background in visual anthropology, he has worked on documentaries including ‘Ancora’ (2020) and has co-directed the medium-length documentary ‘No Island Like Home’ (2019) with Giulio Gobbetti, which won the prize at the ‘SDG Films - Goal 14: Life On Land’ category at the 2020 Arctic Film Festival. He currently lives in Berlin, collaborating with the Naples-based documentary production company Lunia Film.

Emile Hertling Péronard (he/him) is an award-winning and Oscar-nominated Greenlandic film producer operating out of both Nuuk and Copenhagen. A ‘2023 Cannes Producer on the Move’, his films have screened among others at the Cannes Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Berlinale, and Sundance Film Festival. He is the Chair of the Arctic Indigenous Film Fund, on the Board of Directors at ARTEF - the Anti-Racism Taskforce for European Film, and the Executive Director of the Nuuk International Film Festival. In 2023, he was awarded the Greenlandic Film Prize, Innersuaq, for his work.

Frøydis Fossli Moe is a Norwegian film director well-known for winning several prestigious awards including the ‘Best Norwegian Short Documentary’ at the Bergen International Film Festival and the ‘Audience Award’ for the Best Norwegian Fiction Film at the Oslo Pix and the Oslo Fusion. The short films ‘Hemale Education,’ ‘Runde 2,’ and ‘The Day After’, which she has directed, have been acclaimed in renowned festivals like the Gothenburg Film Festival, BFI Future Film Festival, and Nordisk Panorama. In 2023, she released several new films, including the feature film ‘Fuckings bygda,’ the short documentary ‘Final Chapter,’ and the short film ‘Fish Eye.’

Best Animation Category jury Ole Christian Løken

Ole Christian Løken has worked as an animator for about a decade. Having grown up in Norway, Ole moved to Denmark to study animation and for the last 10 years, he has been travelling and working in various countries around Europe. His work includes the Oscar-nominated Klaus’ (2019), ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ (2022), ‘One Piece’ (2023), ‘‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ (2021) and ‘Disenchanted’ (2022). He currently works as a traditional Animator on Genndy Tartakovsky's new film ‘Fixed’.

Maud Ceuterick is a Film and Digital Media researcher at the University of Bergen. Her research focuses on gender, sexuality, space and power relations on screen and has been published in academic journals, in the form of audiovisual essays. Maud also leads the European-funded project ‘DIGISCREENS: Identities and democratic values on European digital screens: Distribution, reception, and representation’ (2022-2025). In addition, she regularly curates film programmes and acts as panel moderator and film presenter at the Bergen Cinemateket, the Hordaland Kunstsenter, the BIT Teatergarasjen and the Bergen International Film Festival.